Thirteen years ago, HydraMetrics began a quest to bring customized engineering solutions to meet the market’s need for optimal water efficiency.

It is important to remember the impact that our society has on the world around us. More than any other time in history, our culture has come together to recognize that water is a limited resource. We must limit waste and reduce inefficiencies in our use of water.

We have engineered a solution to the rising demand for water efficiency that can be tailored to any site and industry. HydraMetrics has produced savings for clients that span across multiple markets:

  • Federal Government Facilities
  • State and Local Government Facilities
  • K-12 Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corrections Facilities
  • Multi-Residential Housing
  • Commercial and Industrial Sites
  • Military Facilities
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Shopping Center

Who is HydraMetrics?

Quite simply, we are the best choice in water efficiency solutions. With over thirteen years of experience in our field, we are a company built around the passion of designing and implementing sustainable water efficiency solutions, improving facility performance, saving money on utility costs and reducing ongoing maintenance costs for our clients.

What Makes Us Different?

HydraMetrics provides a complete solution to rising water and sewer costs. Our engineers survey every water device to provide a portfolio of options designed to maximize performance. In many cases, our turnkey solution works with the plumbing system and fixtures that you already have.

Consider this:  A plumbing system makes use of the physics inherent in its design. Each fixture model is unique, and there are hundreds of different fixture models, each with its own design. Hydrametrics analyzes the root cause of inefficient water usage present at each device and presents a solution to maximize optimal performance and create long-term savings.

At HydraMetrics, we have engineered a solution to solve the root cause instead of treating the symptom.

Why Re-Commission?

If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. Or, in this case, don’t throw away a perfectly good piece of hardware.

HydraMetrics has developed a unique method to re-commission existing plumbing fixtures. We are proud to bring savings to our clients that range from 25% to 40% in domestic water costs alone.

Our staff has decades of experience in solving problems in any environment.  Our partnership will also produce many benefits:

  • Maximum performance
  • Measurable, guaranteed results
  • Sustainable outcomes
  • Simplified maintenance

Everything we do is measurable. You can see the results for yourself.