Operating and maintaining buildings is a struggle.

Water and utility rates move in one direction – higher.


Aging infrastructure, drought and the increasing costs of water and sewer services. Controlling and reducing water and utility costs in  facilities, regardless of age, often results in performance and sustainability concerns.

Most businesses today face mounting problems  with water management, such as:

  • Rising water and sewer bills
  • Aging utility infrastructure
  • Newer water devices that are not calibrated with existing static water pressure, resulting in waste
  • Water quality and chemical composition
  • Varying water pressures
  • Water shortages, whether by drought, rationing, or other mandates

HydraMetrics helps businesses meet challenges in a way that reduces demand side water supply and makes a positive impact on the bottom line, all while maintaining optimal performance.

We offer a unique solution – we recommission every single water device within the existing infrastructure. Our analysis will determine the ideal solution for each device, often utilizing existing devices and using new fixtures only when they are obsolete.

HydraMetrics offers a suite of solutions designed for maximum cost savings and sustainability!