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Water efficiency for every single fixture in your building.

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Delivering turnkey solutions to reduce your water costs & optimize performance.

HydraMetrics has been delivering a turnkey engineered solution to reduce indoor water costs 25% to 40% with its unique recommissioning and variable flow technologies for over 15 years.  Tens of thousands of buildings have benefited from our expertise across all types of Commercial and Institutional buildings, including those with low-flow fixtures.  Our expertise ensures optimal performance, maximum efficiency, sustainable savings and standardization for easy maintenance.

To date, our solutions have saved over 15 billion gallons of water and approximately $90 million of utility costs for our customers.

While a water conservation initiative through fixture replacement does reduce consumption initially, it often does so at the expense of operational performance and long-term savings. In contrast, our customers find HydraMetrics’ domestic plumbing system re-commissioning is far superior when compared to the simple product solution in these ways:

During the investment grade audit of the facilities, we evaluate all points of water consumption. We not only seek opportunities to save water – but also to increase the performance, life cycle costs, simplify maintenance and address equipment at the end of its useful life.

By retuning and recalibrating the water flow of each fixture, we ensure optimal performance, in unobtrusive ways to your operations. We go beyond traditional product replacement, and leverage every single existing fixture in your building with our engineering and water management expertise. We are still able to find savings with existing low-flow fixtures as well as high-flow fixtures, and we are product agnostic.

HydraMetrics does not practice water conservation exclusively through fixture change outs, as we are able to adjust settings and fixtures to perform based on your specific building, plumbing and use profile. By avoiding needless fixture change-outs, we do not send unnecessary materials (like china and porcelain) to landfills, furthering our commitment to sustainability, cost-savings and a circular economy.

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Key Impacts


Whether your building has traditional or low-flow fixtures, they often are not performing as expected originally in the design showroom due to several variables. The HydraMetrics team has decades of expertise in optimizing the performance of every single fixture in your building to meet design specs based on your specific facility and water flow profile. This optimization of performance enables maximum efficiency of each fixture and dramatically impacts your overall water usage and cost savings.


It’s one thing to see a reduction in water use, but for many decision-makers and facilities managers, what matters most is whether the financial savings will be sustainable over time. As water costs continue to rise, cost savings in the near and long-term is more critical for organizations than ever before. Along with water cost savings, our Clients also see thermal cost reductions, property values increase, customer experience improve, and reputational benefits. By standardizing the maintenance, even more cost savings are realized.


At HydraMetrics, we understand that efficiency does not equate to better performance. As you may have experienced, some low-flow toilets require multiple flushes because it’s not performing as it was designed, which negates true water savings potential. That’s why we ensure that each fixture (low-flow and high-flow) functions as it was meant to, based on your specific facility, water flow and plumbing to enable maximum efficiency. In fact, we help our Clients reduce their water costs by 25-40%!


In order to make maintenance as cost effective and easy for your staff, we standardize every fixture in your building and provide training, as well as provide warranties on all of our work. Ordering new parts, making any maintenance updates and understanding the fixtures is now standardized for your staff - making this part of their job easier and freeing their time for other projects, as well as allowing for better forecasting, planning and scheduling routine maintenance.


When the well’s dry,
we know the worth of water.
— Benjamin Franklin


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