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HydraMetrics was founded in 2003, when it was realized by a small group of water efficiency engineers that fixtures are often not performing optimally. It became evident that the subpar performance of water fixtures caused inefficiencies, wasted resources, higher water costs and poor customer experiences. There was a gap in terms of plumbing installations, product replacements and regular maintenance. The group of founders identified the need to optimize performance of each fixture inside of buildings, which is where most of the water use takes place, in order to maximize efficiencies and improve the customer experience. They found their results to have increasingly financial benefits for their Clients and the standardization implemented helped maintenance staff work with greater ease and require significantly less time on water fixture maintenance.

Since its founding, HydraMetrics has grown to serve every vertical across the United States and internationally. The HydraMetrics team prides itself on impeccable customer experience and achieving results that are not seen by product replacement alone. By optimizing each fixture (high or low flow), we help avoid sending unnecessary items to landfills and enhance cost savings opportunities. We help you achieve your sustainability, financial and reputational goals through our water efficency recommissioning expertise and experience.

The HydraMetrics team has helped our Clients and Partners save billions of gallons of water and millions of dollars, and counting!

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We realize that there is a lot of buzz around water conservation, water efficiency and sustainability. It can be confusing, overwhelming or boring to some. Let us know what questions or goals your organization has, and we can help you figure out if our services are the right fit for your facility.

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