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Partnering with ESCO’s


HydraMetrics has been partnering with ESCO’s for almost two decades, to deliver tangible and measurable results for their partners’ Clients. We collaborate with our ESCO partners to ensure success during each bidding and performance contracting process, as well as the Measurement and Verification (M&V) phase. We have worked with almost every ESCO, as their partner in water efficiency. Together, we have built solid working relationships that match each ESCO and their Clients’ business model needs and goals.

Our Executive level management has an extensive history in Performance Contracting pertaining to Energy Efficiency projects.  In addition, HydraMetrics has worked on thousands of water efficiency projects ranging from $20 thousand to $4.5 million and everything in between.  HydraMetrics is fully capable of developing a project, from start to finish, without the need for external resources. 

We have served ESCO’s across all types of verticals, including Commercial, Institutional, Governmental and Military base Clients. Our professional team of experts has ensured such positive experiences and M&V results for our ESCO partners and their Clients, that they continue to call on HydraMetrics as the go-to partner for water efficiency.


Our work with ESCO’s has resulted in almost 15 billion gallons of water saved and almost $100 million in savings (and counting) for their Clients.

Measurement & Verification (M&V): HydraMetrics delivers within our M&V stated goals to ensure success for our ESCO partners and Clients. We offers two forms of M&V: one adhering to IPMVP recommendations and FEMP guidelines, and another proof of savings.


As most business leaders, facilities managers and engineers know, water costs are only increasing as well as pressure for companies to have a reputation of upholding sustainability values. There are endless possibilities to help ESCO Clients realize water and cost savings, from school campuses and commercial buildings to complex campuses with hundreds of buildings.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you to learn more about your Client or prospective Clients’ needs, and demonstrate how HydraMetrics can help enhance your project bids and projects for successful outcomes.

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